Whistleblowing Hotline

ODAC is delighted to announce the reinstatement of its Tollfree Whistleblowing Hotline, which will focus on providing advice and assistance on utilising the Protected Disclosures Act to effectively shield whistleblowers from employment-based discrimination. Contact the Hotline on:

Toll-free Helpline 0800-52 53 52 (0800 la le la)

Mobile Helpline 060-643-4355

Email Helpline: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PDA Amendments

Amendments have been proposed to the Protected Disclosures Act in 2014. As thought leaders on the protection of whistleblowers in South Africa, ODAC have made submissions on these Amendments. We have also consolidated the submissions of other organisations and provide them for you here.

Welcome to ODAC

ODAC are leading experts in relation to access to information and freedom of expression in South Africa, and on the continent. We have driven strategic litigation on the Promotion of Access to Information Act and Protected Disclosures Act, and remain at the forefront at parliamentary advocacy on laws relating to transparency and good governance. We extend our scope to providing support to ensure the effective implementation of key legislation, by assisting public and private institutions to develop policies, procedures and systems. We provide public information and training on using the legislation through public awareness campaigns, and workshops. We also performs various forms of monitoring and research through applied and comparative research, which forms the evidence-base for our other activities.

ODAC’s mission is to promote open and transparent democracy; foster a culture of corporate and government accountability; and assist people in South Africa to be able to realise their human rights. Fundamentally, ODAC believes that realising the right to know will make a material and tangible social change, while forwarding social and economic justice. By promoting transparency, enhancing access to information, supporting whistleblowers and liberating data, we are forwarding a culture of accountability and openness to meet the needs of citizens. 

New Director

Gabriella Razzano was appointed as ODACs Executive Director in November 2017. You can email here.