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Dasnois vindicated

Created on 02 August 2016. Posted in Blog

Dasnois vindicated: this time the headline is true. Alide Dasnois was removed from her position of editor of the Cape Times by the new chief executive of the Independent Newspapers, Iqbal Surve, on ...

Alide Dasnois - the importance of speaking out

Created on 11 May 2016. Posted in Blog

Did the dismissal of Alide Dasnois as editor of the Cape Times have a chilling effect across the newsrooms of the country? Journalists have said that it did. That is one reason ODAC supported the ...

Dasnois wins landmark court case

Created on 09 May 2016. Posted in Uncategorised

... the acknowledgement by Independent Newspapers that Alide Dasnois was not motivated by racism, and that they (Independent Newspapers) retract all allegations of racism made against her. Alide Dasnois ...

South Africa’s history of secrecy

Created on 03 May 2016. Posted in Blog

... of people reporting corruption in the workplace is going down. The attacks on high profile people are especially important which is why ODAC has chosen to support Alide Dasnois in her ground-breaking case ...

ODAC’s Support in the Case of Alide Dasnois

Created on 03 May 2016. Posted in Blog

... ODAC, our intention is to both support litigation and create awareness around the need to protect those who speak out, which is why we have chosen to support and drive awareness of the Alide Dasnois vs ...

Alide Dasnois Litigation

Created on 10 July 2014. Posted in Whistleblowing

The Campaign ODAC is leading a campaign to fund litigation support Alide Dasnois, the former editor of the Cape Times, for unfair dismissal. Alide Dasnois has now been dismissed as an employee of Independent ...

BREAKING: Support fund for Alide Dasnois litigation

Created on 09 July 2014. Posted in Blog

Former Cape Times editor Alide Dasnois has now been dismissed as an employee of Independent Newspapers. “We believe that the dismissal of Dasnois, who has worked on five of the Group's publications, ...