Protected Disclosures Act Amendments

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- By Gabriella Razzano

ODAC will be presenting our submission before Parliament tomorrow on the new Amendments proposed to the Protected Disclosures Act (09:05 am in Room E249). In many senses, these Amendments are a culmination of about 14 years of diligent advocacy by ODAC to improve the legislative protections available to whistleblowers in South Africa. 

There are several important changes, ranging from the extension of protections to workers and temporary workers, to the extension of the protections themselves to exclude civil and criminal liability in certain circumstances. And while you can read a full consideration of the Amendments as we proposed from here, the most important issue to flag is this: citizens have the right to blow the whistle, and there are still shortcomings in the law, which mean that whistleblowers remain vulnerable in spite of their "right doing".

ODAC will continue to push the envelope on behalf of whistleblowers, whether its documenting their stories or creating forward-thinking resources that help both employers and employees understand and implement whistleblowing in the workplace. You can follow us in this journey at #newpda.